I hope you will join the project by registering your mini.  

 Art Appreciation    project   2016 -  and forward

 100 framed art pieces, not for sale but given away or left in  public places.   50 art pieces will be distributed in 10 states.  50 more art pieces will be sent to those who give away their mini and that mini is re-registered in another state.   Together we will track the art as it builds a history and moves around.  The value is the label on the back marking the art as part of the project.  Be a part of an " art happening ".  Register your mini today.


  • Art in every state in the USA and maybe beyond
  • Keep money out of the experience
  • Track the art mini on it's journey
  • Promote the love of art and sharing art
  • see the level of participation the project inspires

100 art peices and tracking their journey

now in all

50 states 



New Zealand


2 mini's still to be sent out.


Just visiting?  You can still participate by voting for your favorite mini on Facebook or by email.

This is not about the art but about being a part of an art experience.  The value of the art is the artist stamped label identifying it as part of this project.   The value is in tracking and building a history to tell about the art mini you had and gave away.  Your certificate of participation is proof of your past ownership of the art.   Sometimes the pleasure is in letting go and being part of a bigger thing.   Share in the adventure, together we will make art happen.  

 Art 2 Share