These 20 x 30 ink, watercolor, acrylic paintings where part of the exact match paintings done back in 2000.   Exact match is when the paint in the pictures is the very same paint from the Benjamin Moore

wall paint cans.  This is a good decorator's idea and they really looked good hanging in the artist's home for 5 years before moving.

Registered:    3/15/16 Cori Brooklyn, NY

                       4/19/16  Marlena TN


 Yogi Tree    

watercolor, ink acrylic

​image and mat 16 x 20    


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 The original painting for this is 16 x 20 with a painted mat.   This is a print (giclee), enhanced with ink, watercolor and acrylic metallic paint.  The painting was fastened to an acid free mat board and cut out just like the larger original.   There is museum glass on this mini.   This is a Yogi pose called "the tree".  The artist has many versions of this pose. This subject matter is part of both the "yogi series" and the "Plant people" series. There is a similar one in this project ID# 37.   Scroll down below to see a few of the versions and the original.

 13 x 17 "clicker"  one of 73

pictures with moving parts.   3 fish move in a circular fashion on a clock.

This is a recurring pose.