​Registered:     4/28/16  Carol  Peoria, AZ

re registered:  5/23/16  Bobbi May, Wenatchee, WA

 Three kittens looked similar,  if you look closely you can see just a little of the grey kitten's ear in front of the cat on the lower right.    They had black and white marking and the fourth kitten was grey and white.  So very cute, shown here playing in a model boat 60 inches long and 52 inches high.   Non stop energy and very playful.   Someone sure knew who would save them.    Kudos to this the cat lover and all cat lover's in the world.

 Sketched out in 2012 in a back yard in Staten Island while on vacation.  We were staying at a home where the owner was taking care of 4 abandoned newborn kittens left on her front porch.  To young for the animal shelter to help them.  She worked very hard and all four survived.  They were so cute by the time we got there.     This is a picture of an older more mature cat.

I thought it would be fun to do a psychedelic background using checkers and round lines.  Watercolor and ink.  It has a poly finish coating and is framed shadowbox style.  The art work lines the inside of the frame  A custom frame job you cannot get most places to do.   Stamped and signed.  Scroll down to see some snap shots of the real baby kittens.

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