This is a copy of the original 9 x 16 watercolor and ink picture.   The mini version shown here is very different from the original.  More simplified because of its small size.  It is ink, watercolor and acrylic paint.   Signed and artist stamped.   The original is part of the plant people pictures done over the years.   The double mat, raised with museum glass.   The artist loves the frame with this picture because the scrolling on the frame goes well with the art work.  To see the original scroll down more on this page.

   Thank you Nancy from Peoria AZ for describing this

picture so nicely.  She wrote "Vibrant blue image connecting man to nature.  Elegant dancer like figure."

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 ​ Watercolor and ink

 image size  9 x 16

 White acid free mat size  12 x 19


​Registered:    3/15/16  Carol  Peoria, AZ

re registered   5/13/16  Susan Marmots, NJ

re registered   8/25/16  Nancy   Peoria, AZ