Watercolor in pink

 image size: 15 x 22

Framed:  21 x 29

​Registered:        3/15/16  Janna  Williamsburg , VA

 re Registered:   4/4/16    Lili  Paw Paw, West Virginina       

This is a giclee (print) of a 14 x 22 watercolor painting created in 2007.  The original, along with a few other versions were created in 2002 and 2003.  This was printed on watercolor paper and enhance with watercolor paint.  Part of the "plant people" art which mixes humans with plants.  If you look carefully you will see tiny babies in the leaves and on the lady.  It is framed shadow box style with the  painting going up the sides and bottom of the inside of the frame.   Coated with poly finish and  clearly artist stamped.   Scroll down for the original and a second version done in pink.  This is a popular one.  To see the one the artist is keeping in her personal collection,

 scroll down a little more on this page.

Watercolor in blue

image size  15 x 22

not framed

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 Thiner and taller and cropped a little different from the one above.  This is a deeper frame so there is one half inch of the picture lining the inside of this frame.

It is a romantic scene with the lovers all wrapped up with each other.   There is one more out there that sold a while back, making a total of 3 mini's.  Only this one is in the project.     This is in the artist personal collection of art she does not want to sell but she likes to share.