​These two belong to the artist grandsons.

This mini was painted in 2012 in Jensen Beach, Florida.  This was part of a ball/inn/the/mouth series of eighteen 2 x 2 inch pictures.  There are two others in this project,  ID# 10 and ID#50.    The others were sent to Bethesda, Maryland and Port St. Lucie,  Florida.   The painting is acrylic and ink on acid free mat board.  Triple mat, raised and museum glass.  Museum glass is the top of the line glass with UV and non glare properties.  (Avoid fingerprints)  It is called curtain call because of the four triangles framing the picture like a curtain with tie backs frames a window.   Scroll down to see

more ball/in/the/mouth art.

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This is a good example of what this artist does when she stumbles on some theme, only this is on a tiny scale.   If it is fun, why not do it again and again.  Each little  picture  might take 30 minuets or so to complete, but who cares about the time,  it is the fun factor that counts.  Each one is 2 x 2 inches except the globe in the middle,  that is 3x 3.5.  These can be framed separately if so desired.  They are not part of this project and there would be the normal framer fee to do this.  For more information go the website    


​Registered:     ​3/15/16  Donna  Ranvena, NY