14 x 30


unfinished work.

 This is a giclee (print done with quality computer ink) of the original unfinished 14 x 30 watercolor painting.  This print is on watercolor paper and enhanced with ink and watercolor.  The larger man figure and some leaves were added to change the art.   The artist likes to make smaller versions of unfinished work to experiment with different compositions and colors.  Stamped and signed, framed with a triple mat.  A similar one is in the project  ID# 36.  There are many versions of this theme in the artist other art work.   Scroll down to see the unfinished

​larger art piece.

Registered:        3/15/16  Donna   Ravena, NY

Re-Registered    7/9/2016  Caryn   Sugar Hill, NH

​                            Happily resting in her home .   

Not finished with this picture yet.   It has potential and now that the artist is retired from her art gallery/framing business she will have more time to revisit some of her "art in progress".


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