Registered:      3/15/2016  Ruth   Wheaton, IL


 This mini was made for the 2008 Magnificent Mini Show in Jensen Beach,  Florida.  The painting is with ink, watercolor and experimenting with Golden Iridescent Paint.   It is an abstract of leaves and a baby in a fetal position.  This is a recurring there in the "plant people" art pictures that this artist likes to do.  Notice the notched mat detail.    Stamped in the lower left side.   There is one mini half this size but it is not in the project.  The artist wants to keep it, just because.   To see it scroll below.

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Framed with the same frame as above,  a distressed wood in a pinkish color.  I just like the tiny frame with the simple picture and the way the artist stamp surrounds it.  The iridescent color contrasts with the flat watercolor and ink.  It is part of the artist's personal collection.  The framed size is 4x4 inches.  Cute.