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 Spring  ID# 2

 Painted in 1996 in Westchester, New York.  Four pictures were painted of the same area showing each season.   This is the spring scene of a skier stoping at the bottom of the hill next to the thawing river.  The fall scene is also in the project, ID# 22.  That mini went to Williamsburg, Virginia.  The summer season is larger and not part of this project.   The winter season  sold.   Watercolor and ink on watercolor paper, plexiglass.  No artist stamp, just signed.  This was a framing experiment.  The watercolor painting was mounted on white acid free mat board and then cut out and pieced back together.  It seems to work well with this kind of composition.  Scroll below to see all the other seasons.

 Winter (sold)


Fall   ID# 22 


framed size 9 x 11

not in this project

Registered:   3/15/2016  Susan   Bethesda, MD