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 Registered:     3/15/2016   Cori  Brooklyn, NY

 re registered:  3/24/16 Tracey in Millford,  Conneticut 


 OK, a bit different but I like it.  This was created in 2016 for this project.   The artist thought it would be fun to just have half a face peeking out of the picture.   A little off the wall kine of art.   The girl is smiling in a sly way.  From a distance it looks like a brown fame with a brown line on it.    Artist stamped and museum glass. Be careful to avoid fingerprints.

The picture is just 2 x 2 inches, making this a tiny treasure.

The moulding for this frame is expensive and of top quality.  The artist, also framer, uses up the smaller left over moulding to make these miniature frames.   So very cute but watch your fingers around the saw.