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                        hanging in the cafe at Satchidananda Ashram in

                             Mandela Market in Yogavilla.

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​Thirty inches long, it is a large painting.   There are quite a few yogi type pictures that this artist has done.   Not only yogi poses but the  people are entwined with the  plants.   She calls  it 'plant people' pictures.    Now that she is retired she will have more time to get to the many, many unfinished pictures that have been filed away for years.  Old ideas to merge with new ideas.



Created 2015 for the Magnificent Mini Show at the Artist FRAMING Gallery in Jensen Beach, Florida.   This is a giclee, (print using quality computer ink) of the unfinished 14 x 30 watercolor.   The artist likes to make small copies of unfinished work to experiment on with color and composition.   This giclee is enhanced with acrylic and watercolor and the background leaves and figures removed to simplify the mini.   Part giclee and part new work.  What category is that?  Mixed media?    There is a similar one in this project,  ID#25 which went to Ravena, New York.  Notched double mat with a third mat.  Museum glass.

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