Registered:    3/15/2016   Dottie   Pine Beach, NJ

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 ​Created in 2009 for the Magnificent Mini Show in the Artist Framing Gallery in Jensen Beach, Florida.   This was part of a 12 x 16 watercolor painting that was cut up to make into four mini's.  The other 3 sold.  It is a framing experiment, fastening the art to an acid free mat, cutting the mat highlighting a part.   The mat is put back together.   This one the artist added a yellow mat for interest.  The art is part of the "plant people" the artist likes to paint.   This has the artist stamp as the signature.   Museum glass used and it is the best glass on the market.  It offers UV protection and non glare properties.  Avoid finger prints.  There is another mini in this project that has cut outs into the art to highlight things,  ID# 37.