This is a "click around"  which are pictures in a shadow box with an object fastened to a clock second hand.  The object clicks around inside the picture in a circular fashion.  This one has a dragon fly.

​Registered:   3/15/2016   Dottie  Pine Beach, New Jersey

Framed size  5 x 7


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 Created in 2008 for the Magnificent Min Show in the Artist FRAMING Gallery in Florida.   This is a giclee (print using quality computer ink) of a 14 x 18 watercolor shot down to this smaller size and not showing the entire picture.  The original watercolor sold and the artist has some similar version of this painting but not in this project.    It is framed shadow box style with the art work going up the sides of the inside of the frame.  This framing style is not something most frame shops will do because it involves cutting up the art work.  Scroll down to see the other version of this art.