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 ​Created in 2015 for the Magnificent Mini Show in the Artist FRAMING Gallery in Florida.  This is a print on a print merging two paintings by accident.  A good accident because somehow it works.  The artist  enhanced the cranes and added a circle under the pink square.  This artist loves accidents because some times the accident works out in interesting ways.   The artist is very happy with the outcome.  Stamped and museum glass.  Scroll below to see which two paintings merged.

Just this part

was printed.

​Registered:      3/15/2016  Amber  West Chester, PA

Re registered:  7/6/2016    Bill,  Tokyo, Japan

                         hanging in an office in Koto-ku  

12 x 18  shadowbox clicker

This is a "clicker" where the 3 larger butterflies are fastened to a clocks second hand and click around in a circular fashion.  One of 71 clicker art pieces in various sizes made over the years.




One of the artist many sons has this painting.