This was created in 2014 for the Magnificent Mini Show held at the Artist FRAMING Gallery in Jensen Beach, Florida.  Framed to how off a mat cut with 3 notches in each corner to give it an over look.   The  mat is raise to give depth.  The colors yellow and purple and green go well together.  Stamped in the lower left corner.   This artist likes to drop some color down wet on wet on the watercolor paper, let it dry and pull out the details later with ink and more watercolor.  Looks  like Van Gogh's kind of sunflowers.    This artist loves Van Gogh.

Congratulations!  ID#51 will replace ID#49 which was registered in Florida and now re-registered in North Carolina just a few days later.   The is the first mini to go to a specific person eligible to get one.   This wonderful participants will receive this mini ID#51 and the certificate of participation as a replacement.  The mini can also be given away or kept.  ( there will be an only one time replacement per address)

A new person registered this mini on 8/29,  Rebecca in Nevada.  She says Sun Flowers are her favorite flowers.

Registered:   3/19/16   John & Lana  Port St. Lucie.  Florida

re registered:  8/29/16  Rebecca,  Las Vegas, Nevada

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