Giclee  8x10 enhanced with watercolor

Ink painted white mat 

not framed:  12 x  14

Original watercolor  image:  4.5 x 4.5

Painted mat with ink.

Framed with fillet:  13 x 16

A giclee ( print using quality computer ink) on watercolor paper and enhanced with more watercolor and metalick ink.  The picture was fastened to an acid free mat board and cut out to mimic the original framed 13 x 16 drawing.  It looks so cute in this frame and is one of the artist's favorites in this project.  The original and a second version are pictured down below.   The artist admies the English artist Audrey Beardsey who died at age 25 in 1897 leaving behind an immense volume of pen and ink drawings.  He is elaborate boarders and book illlustrations along with other things.

Registered: 7/24/18  Suzanne   Bozeman, Montana

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