The original, started in 2000 is an unfinished watercolor 22 x 30 which looks almost the same as this.  This artist likes to make small giclee's of unfinished work to try different backgrounds and experiment with color and such before proceeding with the original.  This giclee is enhanced with ink and watercolor, artist stamped and signed.  Love the frame, curvy like the figure in the picture.   The giclee was made in 2007 for t he magnificent Mini Show in Jensen Beach, Florida.  Scroll down to see the still unfinished original and a second painting in a different version also 22 x 30.

Registered: 7/9/18  Lynn-  Kansas City, Kansas

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Both pictures unfinished watercolors, 22x30.  Notice the tiny figure to the left of his head in the rainbow picture.  There are also penciled in figures in the upper left side around the leaves.  You can barely see them in this photo.