​Painted in 2014 in Jensen Beach for the Magnificent Mini Show in the Artist FRAMING Gallery.   This is a giclee copy of a 32 x 22 watercolor originally painted by the artist in 1996 in Westchester,  New York.  This artist loves to dance. If you look closely there are smaller dance figures in her skirt and above her hand and near his feet. This copy is printed on watercolor paper and enhanced, changing it slightly, with watercolor and a poly finish coating.  The artist stamp can be clearly seen in the lower right hand corner.   Scroll down to see the original watercolor with the other dance figures.


                                      back with clock and battery

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 The Dancer's Dream

22 x 30


 Art History

 5 x 7 "clicker"  The little man in the  lower right corner is fastened to a clock hand and moves in a circular fashion.  It is one of 71 'click arounds" the artist has made in various sizes.


​Registered  3/15/2016  Annilee   Potomac, MD

Re-registered 2/20/2017  Becky   Knoxville, TN