What states did the art start in?      March 15, 2016     50 mini's in 10 states  

​Arizona  -  California  -  Florida  -  Illinois  -  Maryland -  Massachusetts  -   New Jersey  -  New York  -  Pennsylvania   -  Virginia  





Artist Note:    There will be some bonus  prints sent to some participants who are not eligible for the 2nd mini.   The bonus prints are 8x10, matted and suitable for framing. They  are also free and can be given away to get more. 


The project is about sharing art with others.   Those of us who produce art get pleasure in the creative process.  This artist, having produced so many art mini's over the years, decided to try this experiment in sharing.  Instead of putting a monetary value on these particular one hundred art pieces, the value would be in tracking the art to build a history.   

 Using the art as an "Art Happening" may turn out to be a lot of fun.  When the art is tracked it grows a history,   a story to tell about art you once had and where it went.

 The label on the back gives this art its value. 

Many local artist, as well as this artist sold their mini art at the Artist FRAMING Gallery in Jensen Beach, Florida during the annual MAGNIFICENT MINI SHOWs which ran from 2005-2015.   There were 150 to 175 art mini's each year in the show.  That is a minimum of 1500 mini's during this time.  This artist still has some mini's that were in some of these shows and continues to make new ones just for the fun of it  . Rather than keep them in storage,  a better plan was conceived.  That is how this Art Appreciation Project 2016 came about.   This is an on going project and will continue until all the mini's have

​been distributed.  

Marilee Lee    artist  and  framer  of 

                             the art in this project.

                             Magnificent Mini Show 2005


REGISTER your mini  with the special label on the back and you will be eligible to get another   in the mail free of charge . For complete rules click on this button.

The Artist FRAMING Gallery, now closed, had 


from 2005-2015.   More mini's can  be seen and purchased  in the artist on line gallery.